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She's Here

Introducing 'She's Here,' an enchanting musical masterpiece that sweeps you into a realm of love, hope, and serendipitous moments. Feel the rhythmic waves of emotion as the melody washes over you, carrying you on a journey through the depths of the heart. With poignant lyrics and soulful harmonies, 'She's Here' captivates listeners with its raw authenticity and profound storytelling. Embark on a musical odyssey that celebrates the beauty of connection and the joy of newfound love. Dive into the enchanting world of 'She's Here,' now available for discovery on our website


Explore the soundscape of Mike Hibbert's latest album, "Not For You."

"Not For You" - An Independent Project

While "Not For You" is meant to be listened to and enjoyed by all, it's essential to understand the unique perspective behind this album. Each song that made it onto this collection was carefully crafted with one driving factor – Mike's personal artistic vision.

This project is truly independent, created solely to satisfy Mike's creative instincts and musical expression. The title, "Not For You," is a testament to its unapologetic individuality. It's a musical journey that's not bound by trends or external expectations but exists to capture the essence of one artist's soul and passion.

Discover the debut single, "The Swallower and the Merchant," from this upcoming album, which is part of a collection of eight songs that will complete the album. Each track is a unique expression of Mike's musical artistry.

Let's Connect

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Welcome to the captivating world of Mike Hibbert, where music takes center stage.

🎸 Musician & Songwriter: With a guitar in hand and soulful vocals, Mike Hibbert creates original songs that speak to the heart and soul. His music spans from soulful ballads to high-energy rock anthems, a journey through emotions and life's experiences.

Join him in exploring the power of music as it inspires, heals, and connects people. Whether you're a fellow music enthusiast or just looking for tunes that resonate, you're in the right place.